This was a re-creation of an heirloom – the original mounting was die-struck in white gold which means it was less than 70 years old. The details in the original were hand-engraved with the borders decorated with a milgrain tool.  Since die-striking is not a practical solution for a remake of one piece, we used CAD to recreate the look and feel of the ring.

The details of the remake were drawn in CAD because our customer opted not to hand-engrave. The piece was 3D printed on our Envisiontec Aureus printer and cast in Platinum, the ultimate white metal for jewelry, giving the best chance for a piece that will last generations.

Do you have an heirloom or a special piece that you want re-made with modern manufacturing techniques? You can send it to us or take really good photos – straight on from each view, and submit them in a design order.