If CAD design development for jewelry is what you’re looking for, not only do we have the technical skills to handle your job, but we pride ourselves in our communication tools and culture of teamwork. Over the years of developing designs in CAD, we’ve realized the necessity for relevant management and communication tools to handle all the information, images, due-dates, history and details involved in developing designs.

We also developed (and continue to develop) an industry-leading Order Wizard (click “Order”) that helps customers prepare and plan their projects.

A successful and inexpensive project starts with a good plan! With many projects having fast timelines, the Order wizard is essential to gathering  information necessary to begin work or provide an estimate, and or online project collaboration tool helps us organize the work flow and time lines, ensuring that your job is done correctly and on time.

We’ve searched relentlessly for a solution over the years, and wound up developing our own, because there was nothing out there. We hope you find our design development process easy, empowering and extraordinary!